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When faced with kitchen cabinet remodeling projects, we offer two options with our company.

Option One: Refinish what you have.

When using option one, refinish your existing framing, doors, and drawers with our high-end acrylic urethane low VOC paint available in any color to your liking. This is an affordable option when your doors and drawers don’t need to be replaced, they just need to be updated. Adding new soft-close hinges and updating your hardware (knobs/pulls) will give your kitchen an amazing new look.

Option Two: Refinish your cabinet framing and add newly built doors and drawers.

When using option two, building new cabinet doors and drawers are one of the fastest and easiest ways to change the look and feel of your kitchen cabinet design, this is also available in any color to your liking. Many people don’t know that you can just replace the cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen and keep the cabinet framing as is. The best part about replacing your cabinet doors and drawers is that it’s cheaper than replacing the whole cabinet. Our doors and drawers are Medium Density Fiberboard panels. They are paired with wood frames made of hardwood material for painting purposes. MDF is a highly stable composite material used for painting, with a very smooth texture and no grain direction, making it ideal for painted projects. Solid wood carpentry tends to have the highest ROI, or return on investment of the material discussed here. All our new doors come with concealed style soft-close hinges. The hinges go inside the cabinet box for a sleeker, hidden look. Updating your hardware (knobs/pulls) will give your cabinets an updated, modern look. If you are ready to start a kitchen cabinet project, call our team today.

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No other home improvement projects revive, protect, and beautify a house quickly, effectively, and affordably. Create your own unique kitchen with a fresh new look.

Once you have accepted your estimate and chosen the perfect colors for your cabinets, we schedule a start date. We’ll keep your project running smoothly from start to finish!

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